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"Shadows Over Oz" Scheduled for Release in late Spring

The third entry into "The New Oz Chronicles" is currently scheduled to be released in a few months, and to prepare for it we will be gradually updating you all on the contents of the story as they become finalized and available. Current status: the book is roughly two-thirds complete, with the first half already being in the editor's hands, and the remaining chapters being refined/written. The book, which is essentially the climactic conclusion to the "Nightmare/Black Rainbow" arc, begins with some key revelations/developments in the mythos of our famous characters, what is in store for them long-term, and then halfway through plunges the reader into an action-packed show-off between Mombi, Glinda, the princesses of Oz, the Phiastons, an army from the sky, the military forces of Oogaboo, the great Gorillas of the Wilds and a host of others as both good and wicked vie for control of Oz's greatest prize: the Emerald City itself.

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