"Legacies of the Leopard King" arrives digitally February 26th

Arriving digitally on February 26th, the next short story in The New Oz Chronicles: "Legacies of the Leopard King."

Set after the events of "Shadows Over Oz," the once proud and noble Leopard King of Oz has returned home to the Quadling Wilds to recover from his challenging ordeal. Alas, the intended respite becomes quickly engulfed by the intentions of another: one of the great demigods of the forest, a mysterious white stag who takes the animal on a spiritual journey into a past full of trauma, excitement and tragedy. There, the Leopard must confront a host of very personal memories -- some profound, others painful -- in an attempt to trace the origins of his greatest betrayals to Oz. Will the outcome give him the insight he needs to atone for the crimes against the realm? Moreover, will they be resonant enough to shift his uncertain focus back towards the destiny he was always meant to carry?

"Legacies" is the third short story from the ongoing saga, and once again Jackson Smith was on-hand to give it a very striking cover, posted above.

You can preorder the short story here.