"Legacies of the Leopard King" - Due out in early 2024

Tentatively scheduled for a December release, "Legacies of the Leopard King" is the third short story in the ongoing New Oz Chronicles. Set after the events of "Shadows Over Oz," the once-disgraced/newly-redeemed former king of Gugu seeks shelter in the Quadling Wilds, in hopes of discovering his purpose. While there, he encounters a being who invites him on a spiritual journey into the memories of the past, where the events that lead to his alignment with Mombi are revealed, relived and reflected on with a deep new clarity.

The Leopard King, an obscure character from Baum's own "The Magic of Oz" who was brought out of retirement for the story arc of "The Black Rainbow of Oz," has become an integral facet of these new yarns set in the modern timeline. Stay tuned for updates and artwork, once again penned by the talented Jackson Smith.

Special note: projected release window is subject to change.