"Prisoners of Oz," Book Four in the New Oz Chronicles, Due in Late Spring/Early Summer 2024

The title of the forthcoming fourth book in the New Oz Chronicles is "Prisoners of Oz!"

Set mere days after the conclusion of "Shadows Over Oz," an enigmatic new king has assumed rule of the Emerald City, bringing with him an assembly of ominous new faces who hover over his court with mysterious intent. But while the long-time residents of the city itself ponder what it all might mean for the future of their metropolis, a terrible phenomenon begins to manifest – several members of Ozma’s inner circle begin to vanish without a trace!

Seeking answers and navigating the obstacles placed on them by their unsupportive new leader, Betsy, Dorothy and Trot band together in unraveling the mystery of the vanishings and bringing their friends home. But what will this all reveal as King Ozwald, seeking to undo the ideology of his predecessor, tries to cut the city entirely off from the outside?

Two worlds collide as defenders of the old Ozian ethos battle wits against a new movement of power-hungry usurpers, all with the very soul of the Emerald City itself placed on the line. Meanwhile, far below the city streets lies yet another lost secret – one that promises to turn the tides of the conflict in favor of whoever comes to possess it!

"Prisoners of Oz," which began principal writing last March, is steadily nearing completion and is projected to hit shelves by late spring or early summer. Stay tuned for more updates as they come, including progress reports and all-new illustrations -- once again provided by our favorite artist Jackson Smith, who is returning for the fourth time to the series!