Jackson Smith will not be returning to illustrate "Prisoners of Oz"

As “Prisoners of Oz” nears release, it has become important to share an update on some changes ahead for the next book.

Our gifted illustrator, Jackson Smith, has been tied to some personal matters that have required his complete focus in these last few months. What that means, alas, is that he will not be able to contribute his artistic talents to the pages (or the cover) of this upcoming novel.

A new source has been tapped to design the next book cover, but time limits and budget constraints have also led us to an added decision: we must forego the route of illustrating this novel.

In hindsight, we believe this is the proper route to ensure the book still arrives on time. Furthermore, with these stories gradually progressing in maturity and tone, illustrations almost seem a bit too redundant at this point.

In the meantime, we wish Jackson the absolute best and hope that in the foreseeable future, the door will remain open for him to return, should he decide he would like to.

“Prisoners of Oz” will be arriving in July or August. Stay tuned as we move towards the final production push, which will include release dates, preorders and, of course, new cover art.

Thank you for your time.
David M. Keyes