"The Green Delight" Available Digitally May 19th!

The first short story release of the year, "The Green Delight," is now available for preorder on Amazon! Follow this link to purchase your copy today.

Told from the perspective of Toto between the events of "A Nightmare in Oz" and "The Black Rainbow of Oz," this little yarn gives readers a sample of what some other characters outside the main arc have been up to -- namely, those currently living on the farm of Uncle Henry and Aunt Em in the Emerald Fields! This includes Baum, a black horse and new member of the Oz cast, Henry and Em, the Munchkin Warden, and one of the big Ozian favorites -- Billina the Yellow Hen!

"The Green Delight" features three all new illustrations by Jackson Smith and is the first of four short stories based in the New Oz Chronicles planned for this year. Stay tuned for more news and details.