"Shadows Over Oz" Scheduled for Release in late Spring

The third entry into "The New Oz Chronicles" is currently scheduled to be released in a few months, and to prepare for it we will be gradually updating you all on the contents of the story as they become finalized and available.

Current status: the book is roughly two-thirds complete, with the first half already being in the editor's hands, and the remaining chapters being refined/written. The book, which is essentially the climactic conclusion to the "Nightmare/Black Rainbow" arc, begins with some key revelations/developments in the mythos of our famous characters, what is in store for them long-term, and then halfway through plunges the reader into an action-packed show-off between Mombi, Glinda, the princesses of Oz, the Phiastons, an army from the sky, the military forces of Oogaboo, the great Gorillas of the Wilds and a host of others as both good and wicked vie for control of Oz's greatest prize: the Emerald City itself.

The official synopsis:

With the terrible Black Rainbow now fully unleashed over the darkened skies of Oz, Mombi the Malicious moves to enact the next stage of her nefarious plot: the summoning of a great army of vengeful beasts known as the Phiastons!

Long exiled from the kingdom, they venture through the great sky realms with a singular agenda: to destroy the Emerald City and unseat its long-standing leaders. 

Anticipating the invasion, Glinda, Ozma and Dorothy rally friends, fighters, old adversaries, and an army from the sky to defend Oz, all while sinister plots begin to work their way into the hearts and minds of the heroic Ozians and rebellion threatens to weaken the city’s defenses. 

What will this mean for Dorothy, who is discovering new magical abilities in the middle of chaos? What effect will this have on Princess Trot, an aspiring authority struggling to find her voice in her role of leadership? What will come of the Crooked Wizard, still tied to the enchantment of the Menace’s great magic while his body rests in stasis beneath Ozma’s palace?

Terrible secrets and startling revelations come to a head in a climatic battle between Glinda and Mombi that will test loyalties, alter the course of well-known characters, and ultimately determine the very fate of Oz’s future.

Jackson Smith has returned to illustrating the next installment, while editing for the volume is being shared between Rachel Music and Andrea Bean.

More information will be provided soon, including some of Jackson's illustrations, a cast list of many of the key characters, details about subplots, character conflicts, and so on.

Of course, though this promises to be the epic finale to what was set in motion in the earlier books, this is hardly the end, either. More will be made known soon. Stick with us on our continued journey through a modern, evolving Oz that continues to be cursed by the conflicts of a changing tide!