"The Black Rainbow of Oz" Arrives in Early 2021

The sequel to the very well received "A Nightmare in Oz" has been announced. "The Black Rainbow of Oz" continues the story where it left off, revealing a new threat to the fairy kingdom that it has not seen in hundreds of years.

From the book's synopsis:

In an isolated valley in the west, a terrible power lies dormant within the stone walls of a secluded Vault – the fabled Eye of the Sky!

Once an instrument of chaos used to instigate conflicts and uprisings, it has been locked away for untold millennia, never to be used again.

Now, in the wake of the Nightmare, the key to opening the vault has fallen into the hands of Old Mombi, who will use the eye to conjure the legendary Black Rainbow!

Can Oz withstand the terrible reality that the Black Rainbow might bring? What does it represent to the future of the fairy world, still reeling from the attack of the nightmare?

The new book, penned by David M Keyes and once again illustrated by Jackson Smith, was written over the course of seven months amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, when most places and people were on lockdown. In that isolation came the idea of a follow-up that would progress the story set up in the earlier book. This will be the second in a series that is now called "The New Oz Chronicles." Book three is already in planning stages as of this writing.

Stay tuned for more exciting information as it becomes available!