The Chapter Listing for "A Nightmare in Oz" is revealed

As the looming nightmare approaches the famous citizens of Oz, prospective readers have expressed intrigue as to what sort of plot points are featured in the book. The chapter names for "A Nightmare in Oz" provide the first good indicators. Below is the listing of chapter names, giving you your first glimpse into this new and menacing reality as it circles around many of our favorite faces:

01: A Strange Dream
02: A Council with Friends
03: Dorothy’s Reunion
04: The Mystery Deepens
05: Wisdom of the Wizard
06: Into the Wilds
07: Urgent Matters
08: Ensnared by the Shadow
09: The Well of Images
10: Ozma’s Encounter
11: Secrets of the Dusktree
12: The Curse Upon Glinda
13: The Wizard Plots His Move
14: A History of Witches
15: The Nightmare’s Game
16: Warnings in the West
17: Glinda Reveals Her Captor
18: The Flight of the Winkies
19: The Cruel Fate of the Wicked Witch
20: Vengeance of the Morrowood
21: Dorothy Understand Her Purpose
22: Towards the Danger
23: The Brooding of a Beast
24: The Confrontation
25: The Curse Weakens
26: The Wisdom Within

The book will also feature an epilogue, suggesting the direction the story will go in the event of a sequel (more on that later).

Stay tuned for more information in the coming days. "A Nightmare in Oz" will be available on April 6th in Paperback and Kindle editions on!