"A Nightmare in Oz" will be released on April 6; Cover Art Revealed

"A Nightmare in Oz," an all-knew adventure set in modern times in the famous land of Oz, will go on sale April 06, 2020 on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle editions. An Audible edition will be forthcoming in fourth quarter.

The artwork, created by Jackson Smith, features one of the Nightmare's many physical manifestations looming down on an unknown victim as they are somewhere between consciousness and dream. Click the image for a full-sized rendition.

For more of Jackson's portfolio and inquiries into commission work, visit him on Instagram here.

"A Nightmare in Oz" is the first in a planned series of adventures involving the famous characters of the original series, who are on the cusp of uncovering a series of ancient secrets that threaten to undermine their prosperity. This book was a labor of love for its author, David Keyes, who has treasured the series since he was a child.

More information on the contents of the book is forthcoming, including a deep-dive of the characters featured, insight about the "nightmare" they face, the legend of the terrible Dusktree, and previews of chapters.