"A Nightmare in Oz" to arrive this spring in paperback and digital

For the countless years she and her friends have been residents of Oz, Dorothy Gale has never experienced dreams – bad or good.

But now, on the eve of a foreboding menace stirring in the soil beneath them, those nightly visions have returned. And they have brought with them a threat no one is prepared to face.

What has inspired this surge of sleepy terrors? How does it know of the painful memories of the past? Now it is up to Dorothy and her friends, Trot and Betsy Bobbin, to unravel the mystery before they are ensnared by its menacing claws.

“A Nightmare in Oz” is a modern journey through the familiar locales of Baum’s fantasy world as the characters – some familiar, others new – are confronted by an ancient villain on a path of destruction. But the greater reality may lurk beyond, in the knowledge that Oz’s great magics are eroding, allowing new threats to make their claim against the once-peaceful kingdom…

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